• Address: 10901 Roosevelt Blvd. N. Ste. C 1000, St. Petersburg, Fl 33716
  • Phone: (720) 370-3554
  • Email: info@cbscientific.com

About Us: History
CB Scientific is founded by Future World Corporation, a pioneer in cannabis technology landscape. Future World and its subsidiary HempTech is a technology leader with fully automated Controlled Environment Agriculture for sustainable growing cannabis for medical market. Because of the numerous medical applications of cannabinoids, Future World Corporation founded CB Scientific for developing clinical science-based medical device technologies from cannabinoid chemistry to address pain and other disease conditions.

CB Scientific is a medical device company developing engineering and device solutions for cannabinoid medical technologies. The company is incorporated in Florida as a limited liability company with principal business in Sarasota. In 2017, CB Scientific acquired the technology and products assets of Marutronics Medical Devices LLC, a cannabinoid devices company to increase it technology portfolio.

To become the global leader in discovering new cannabinoid medical device technologies to make life better and healthier.

To aid in human welfare through innovative biomedical engineering solutions that delivers cannabinoids which relieves pain, restores health, and longevity of millions of patients around the world.

  • Bring meaningful medical care to patients.
  • Create an environment of creativity to transform new ideas into breakthrough technologies and devices.
  • Pursue innovative engineering solutions that challenge established thinking.
  • Change and act with speed via scientific collaboration, partnerships and a winning spirit.



Sam Talari

Chairman of Board

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John Verghese


Dr. Bobban Subhadra




Kevin Defant

Director of Device Engineering (electronics)


Director of Engineering Design & Prototyping

Alan Mathon

Director of Biomedical Research

Private Label

We are excited to announce our increased production capabilities, and for the first time, we are offering our detection kits and CBD formulations under a private label for interested companies.


It is important to verify research, this is why we have teams who are readily available to us in order to better understand very specific natural combinations to bring you the best formula.

Saving of time.

On top of private labeling for our detection kits, we are also capable of creating brand-new detection kits and or devices!

Special Case

We focus on you; if you or someone you know are suffering with an disorder that decreases the Quality of Life of an individual,