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To be the premier provider of technology solutions for the delivery of affordable, legal, and global access to complete cannabis testing for potency and detection.

about us

Imagine a team that has traveled the world and seen what few people have seen. Take that experience and then apply that expertise to the fields we work in; you end up with a team that can adapt to just about any new technology and process that comes out if we didn't end up developing it ourselves.

This team is adaptable and fixated on one very important factor: progression. Each person has the same goal to help improve the quality of life in every Human. Each with different backgrounds will bring a diverse and interconnected team that dynamically develops every day to aid in the progression of our industry. Backgrounds such as: international trade, exporting, biology, microbiology, chemistry, spectroscopy, engineering, and business can show the true diversity and difference in thinking. We are like the components in a great cake, each component may come from a different background, but when mixed, creates an award-winning combination.

Personal Analytics Testing/Detection Kits

I.DNA Test Kit

II. Pharmacogenetic Test Kit


Personal Analytics - CBD & THC Detection Kits


Utilizing old and new chemical techniques, CBScientific is proud to provide the second generation of CBD detection kits which will accurately determine whether or not CBD exists in your product.


Extensive laboratory development usually yields amazing results, and this is exactly what we bring to you. Over 29,000  tests and replications of our product ensures that you have the most accurate detection for THC in your product.


When one form of detection is not enough, we offer both of our amazing detection kits in one package for you at an incredible investment.


It's always exciting when someone gets an edible, but sometimes, edibles are unwanted and scary such as a caring parent giving their child a chocolate bar. With this detection kit, you can detect THC in that chocolate bar, brownie, and or gummy.


I. Research and development methodology

-> One of our goals in research and development is to constantly and consistently improve the chemicals used for detection in regards to: accuracy, user safety, and environment safety.

-> Our experienced research and development team of scientists also have a goal of engineering a new detection kit every three to four months.

II. Natural Plant Extraction

III. Chemical (organic and non-organic) Understanding

-> Coinciding with research, our team of scientists constantly and continually learn more about all chemicals used for analytic processes and the actual phytocannabinoids themselves. This knowledge we can impart to you!

IV. Plant cloning

V. CBD OIL Formulation

VI. International consulting

VII. Research article publication

The Four "R"s of Our Procedure



Every day in the lab, research takes place. All of our methodology is put in place to prevent variable intrusion to perfect and isolate particular reactions. This benefits us to benefit you in the creation of a stable product.



Understanding how particular chemical compounds react with other compounds is key for the creation of mixtures that express very isolated actions. This is what we do at CBScientific to make natural products that can increase the quality of life in many individuals.



All new precedures and processes invented are reviewed by the leading chromatography labs across the United States and now including the European Union. Review is one of the most important areas for our scientific progression because it ensures consistency for every detection.


The process repeats as we continually innovate and explore new areas.