Test4 Personal Analytics Detection Kits: THC CBD and EDIBLES!

It is our pleasure to bring the next generation of detection kits for: THC, CBD, and EDIBLES to the marketplace; ensuring an accurate detection every time!


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From Nature

Using special technology and techniques that identifies and extracts natural chemicals to isolate and use in formulations.

In Formula

Our team works around the clock to study chemical interactions; this allows us to formulate precise mixtures and isolates for Humanity.

New Research

Science is an education that never stops, we embrace that mindset and make it our own, new technologies and processes are created every month by our research team; new orders come in for new, never-before-done research that we make happen!

Looking towards the future of industry!

As time progresses, so do science and technology. With our contributors and partners being at the forefront of scientific industry, so will we. Our international connections keep us informed about new technology that can benefit mankind and our purpose; the application of new technology comes from our highly adaptive team of researchers and developers who were all chosen because of their adaptive and creative attributes that make of them unique and unrivaled in their fields.


Scientific Research...

Our teams work tirelessly to create new methodology and standards with large standard organizations and government institutions. All research is done in the most accurate of ways with preventative variable intrusion due to our methodology.

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